Signs of Hidden Leaks Under Floor

Signs OF Hidden Leaks Under Floor

Water leaks cause damage to any part of the house that is exposed to the water. Leaks will often cause pools of water around surfaces which will in turn damage furniture, walls and the floor. It could also lead to mold growth on any other parts affected as well as the items that have been exposed to the water.

At times, the water leaks can go on for a while undetected. This can be dangerous because the damage will keep happening without the homeowners’ knowledge. It is best to be aware of the signs of hidden leaks under floors so you can take care of the problem early enough.

Here are some of the signs that you have hidden leaks under the floor.

A Wet Carpet

If you are walking around your house and feel that some parts of the carpet are wet, you probably have a hidden leak. The water is seeping through and the carpet is soaking it up. This can be an issue that has developed from a leaky faucet or faulty piping. Make sure that the carpet is not wet from water splashing on it especially if you have small kids. If the carpet is frequently damp at the same spot, the chances are that there is a leak under the floor. Visit to get a full run down of what else to look for

Pools Of Water On The Floor

If you spot areas that have pools of water each time without a good reason, it could be that there is a hidden leak under the floor. The floor could soak up some of the water but if it is too much then pools of water will collect on top. You can also check the floors to see if there are traces of dampness on any of the woods. When wood gets wet it will appear bent around some parts. You can check around to see if this is the case.

Mildew Or Mold Stains

Mold and Mildew

This is another clear sign that there is the presence of water around the floor. The floor or the walls near the leak could develop mold due to being damp. You should also check any wooden furniture near the parts that seem damp to see if the bottom of the furniture has mildew stains. You may also recognize a damp smell around parts that have leaks.

If Your floor is concrete then it could be a bit harder to detect a water leak underneath it. However, you can check for cracks because water will cause the concrete to crack. You may notice that the floor seems uneven as well. This is due to the expansion of the concrete due to soaking in water.

Once you are sure that you indeed have hidden leaks under floors in your home, you need to find the source. Most times it is due to leaky faucets but at times a pipe underneath the floor may have burst. It is best to call a professional plumbing service to check the issue. Attempting to repair the issue may cause further damage to the plumbing system.