Combination Boiler System: The Advantages It Offers Homeowners

Combination Boiler System: The Advantages It Offers Homeowners

Of all the comfort features that we have gotten used to over the years, having hot water flowing in our houses and warming our houses during cold days is one of the most important. It is practically impossible to find a house without these two features.

Luckily in the case of hot water, there are many different types of boilers in the UK market for homeowners to purchase. One of the most popular central heating systems today is the combination boiler system, which professional contractors involved in the installations of boiler reckon that constitutes half of the new boilers being installed today.

For the most part, the popularity of this particular boiler stems from its tremendous advantages that it offers homeowners. Herein are some of the notable advantages that homeowner looking to purchase and install the combi boiler can expect from this boiler.

#1. Space Economy. The system does not need cold water and hot water storage tanks to function properly. It heats water as it flows through the heating system from the main line to the outlet. This saves a great deal of space.

#2. High Running Efficiency. It also heats water very efficiently. Since the hot water is instantly used without unnecessary storage, the water does not lose heat. Additionally, the system only heats up the water that will be used, further improving the entire system.

#3. Reduce Running Cost.  A combi boiler is markedly cost-effectively, obviously accounting for hot water needs. Since you heat the water you need, the energy consumption tends to be significantly lower.

#4. Greener Water Heating Solution since the system runs efficiently, it uses a great deal less energy. This bodes well with a reduced carbon footprint of the heater, meaning it is markedly greener.

#5. Reduced Pipework Since there is no need for cold water and hot water storage tank, this system entails a reduced amount pipework to function properly. This is particularly advantageous when you consider matters of maintenance, the cost of installation, and the reduction of heat loss opportunities.

#6. Main Pipe Pressure Since this heating system heats water as it flows, the system supplies water under main water pressure without the need for auxiliary water pumps. This bodes well with high-pressure shower and other high-pressure utilization.

Despite being hailed as one of the best boilers in the market, homeowners should take note that the system should be regularly maintained to for it to maintain its efficiency. In fact, virtually every combination boiler system installed in the UK requires an annual maintenance program for the warranty to remain as valid.